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The Nation’s Fastest-growing Drug Problem

The U.S. White House calls prescription drug abuse “the Nation’s fastest-growing drug problem.” The number of deaths from prescription drug overdoses now outnumber those caused by heroin

You Are Not Alone

If you or someone you know is considering a drug rehabilitation program, it can be helpful to know what participating in a such a program will be like. Knowing what will and will not happen can lessen the natural fear of

Addiction Symptoms

Addiction Symptoms

Could someone you know be struggling with a substance abuse addiction? Identifying the signs and symptoms of addiction are critical to helping a loved one in need.

Learn the Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

A change in behavior is one of the most common signs of substance abuse and addiction. Your loved one may become withdrawn, avoid hobbies or activities that they previously enjoyed, and constantly lie or make excuses for why they cannot spend time with you. As dependency worsens, your loved one may neglect social, family and work responsibilities.

Rather than socializing with their friends and family members, individuals who are addicted to drugs socialize with other addicts. Your loved one may ignore or not appear to care about the repercussions of their behavior. Your loved one may be uncharacteristically violent, moody, angry or very defensive about their drug and alcohol use.

Abusing drugs or alcohol is a symptom of addiction

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are more likely to experiment with these substances or use greater amounts to get high as their tolerance increases. They are also more likely to engage in risky behavior, such as driving while drunk or high, sharing needles, or having unprotected sex.

An individual who is addicted to drugs cannot simply “stop” using; drug or alcohol abuse is no longer a voluntary choice. Even when a loved one promises to stop, they are unable to do so. They use drugs not only to get high, but also to combat the symptoms of withdrawal.

Addiction Treatment Specialists Can Help

If you suspect that a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, can help you identify the warning signs and seek treatment for your loved one.

Every day matters; seeking treatment for drug addiction can stop or reverse serious physical damage to the body. For example, years of heavy drinking due to alcoholism can cause permanent liver damage. It only takes a few months of meth abuse to cause dramatic weight loss, rapid aging, and open sores on the body. A drug treatment center is the best place to get your loved one the help they need.